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GSG Hospitality Group is a national consulting firm focused on data and primary intelligence insights for local municipalities who are interested in promoting the hospitality sector in their area. We have a unique approach that focuses on local economic development and the assets that make your community unique. Not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a custom approach tailored to your community’s specific needs. We are focused on what is advisable for the local economy and we let the data speak for itself.


Our years of experience in regional economic development gives us unique insights into what it is like to grow a local geographic economy, and how data about business development should be interpreted. Our years of experience assessing the hospitality industry as well gives us the perfect mix for local municipalities interested in feasibility studies, impact studies from a hospitality perspective, and regional supplemental market studies. We speak the language of the local economy and our data and instincts are focused on the best possible outcomes for your community.




Additionally, we know how to structure our data in ways that developers and industry leaders insist on. We also provide the value added capability to turn your data into infographics, brochures and even videos to help attract business investment to your area for hospitality and other mixed-use developments. We do this because we know that reports sitting on shelves alone do not help grab the attention of potential investment.


GSG Hospitality Group is uniquely positioned to complete studies, interpret reports based on success patterns, and produce materials that will help you reach your economic development goals.



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