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GSG will provide a Market Feasibility Study Report for the subject area that is customizable to meet the needs of our clients. This Market Study provides a demographic and economic overview of the subject area to determine the overall feasibility of the expansion of an existing asset or a new greenfield hotel development. A written report will be provided based on research and analysis of the variables that may impact the turnaround, expansion or new development project.


GSG will analyze market conditions, economic and demographic factors, and site conditions to determine their impact on the proposed project. GSG will utilize both primary and secondary data sources to analyze the subject area’s demand for additional rooms. Research will include face to face interviews with area representatives from a variety of public and private sector organizations. The Research will gather primary data and input regarding the overall feasibility of the project today as well as analyze the potential for future growth in demand in the subject area.


The GSG Market Feasibility Study Report will address the estimated operating performance of the project and will provide recommendations as to size and scope of the development. The Report provides owners, investors, operators and lenders with a snapshot of the overall feasibility of the project based on market conditions at the time of the survey.


While GSG will customize the scope of the Market Feasibility Study to reflect the individual needs of our clients, the typical report will include the following:


  • Area Analysis

  • Site Analysis

  • Supply & Demand Analysis

  • Financial Analysis to include Five Year Financial Projections

  • Conclusions & Recommendations

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