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GSG will provide a Supplement Retail Overview for the subject area that is customizable to meet the needs of our clients. This Retail Overview provides a demographic and economic overview of the subject area to determine the overall feasibility of the expansion of an existing project or a new greenfield retail/mixed use development. Information and findings will be delivered via professionally designed multi-page Retail Marketing Flyer ready for use by the community/developer in their attraction efforts.


GSG will analyze market conditions, economic and demographic factors, and site conditions to determine their impact on the proposed retail/mixed-use development project. GSG will conduct a retail analysis of the subject area including the 15 minute and 20 minute drive times. The analysis will include a Housing Summary, Traffic Count Profile, Retail Market Profile, Retail Market Potential, Retail Marketplace Profile (Leakage/Surplus), Population Summary and Household Income Profile. The analysis will also include Retail Goods and Services Expenditures for various retail sectors.



While GSG will customize the scope of the Supplement Retail Overview to reflect the individual needs of our clients; GSG will design and provide a Retail Development Opportunities Flyer that will typically include:

  • Graphs and Charts to demonstrate retail advantages listed above

  • Aerial photo of the proposed development site

  • Site Description and listing of specific advantages to the site

  • List of Current Retailers in the Area

  • Pictures of area attractions/retailers/community photos


Here is an example of our custom report

Learn more about the Supplemental Retail Study from the CEO of GSG, Corey Mehaffy. 

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