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GSG’s Builders Guide provides an excellent tool for economic developers and real estate agents to promote housing development. We will draw on local data relevant to developer’s decision making processes like zoning, building fees, utility information, recent pricing, and demographics. We will produce an attractive report with infographics and photography to help your community or region gain a competitive advantage in the real estate development markets.



The GSG Builder’s Guide provides a comprehensive view of the real estate market conditions in the subject area. While GSG will customize the scope of the Builder’s Guide to reflect the individual needs of our clients, a typical Builders Guide will include the following:

  • Executive Summary

  • Demographic Profile

  • Market Forces

  • School District Information

  • Real Estate Pricing Trends

  • Time on Market Data

  • Zoning Information

  • Local Building Fees and Permitting

  • Utility information

  • Local Photography​

Here is a sample PDF of our Builders’ Guide.

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